King Ridge Dirt Supreme Hopper

6 мая 2017 с 13:00 по 18:00 в Google-календарь

О мероприятии

Option #1 King Ridge Supreme (road/cross) - 80 miles, 8,1760 ft.
Option #2 King Ridge Supreme (minus climb to Occi and Willow Creek descent) 62 miles, 7,026 ft

You’ve never ridden King Ridge like this. We are starting in Duncan’s Mills this year so we will start with a slow burn up Bohemian Hwy to Occidental. Then climb up Coleman Valley and descend Willow Creek on dirt. Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. Dirt descent to Salt Point. Dirt climb up Kruse. Climb Hauser Bridge. Back King Ridge to Caz and finish up Willow Creek. Easy as pie! If you are looking for a supreme cross/dirt/gravel challenge this is it. Road, cross, Diverge….? Depends on what you have and what you can ride. Big tires and don’t flat! If you loved Old Caz this ride will blow your mind!
Option #2: Riders will head out River Rd to Hwy 1 and follow the same course as the big loop. Eliminates climb to Occidental and Willow Creek descent. You will still have the Salt Point dirt descent and Kruse dirt climb so a gravel bike with slick/semi slick tires or a road bike with 28c would be a good option.

Prizes: 250 Euros first Male and Female up for grab from our generous sponsors at CAPO.   Awards to top 3 M/F from each category for Overall Series Winners will be presented at the King Ridge Finale. Points are taken from your best 5 finishes. If you do all 6 Hoppers your worst finish will be dropped. All riders competing for the overall must finish Old Caz, Lake Sonoma Mtb and King Ridge to qualify.

7:30-10:00 Registration/sign in open
9:30 Staging
10:00 Roll
3:00…? Finish. We’ll finish on East Austin Creek Rd. Exact finish line TBD. Casual roll back to Duncan’s Mills for lunch, awards and libations.

Sign up for the 6 ride series and save $50. That's 6 Hoppers for the price of 5!
Old Caz, Chileno Valley and Sweetwater: $50 ea.
Lake Sonoma MTB, Skaggs and King Ridge $65 ea. (includes lunch)
Join us for the the 19th Annual Grasshopper Adventure Series. Before the terms "Gravel Grinder or Adventure Ride" existed we were riding Old Caz, Kruse Rd, King Ridge, Chileno Valley, Sweetwater and Skaggs. This series of 6 supported, timed rides, are on open roads and trails. Awards are given for top 3 male and female riders at all Hoppers. Back this year are series points for age groups. (10yr groups) You must finish Old Caz, Lake Sonoma and King Ridge to be eligible. Overall winners will be determined based on these three rides plus 2 of the other 3 Hoppers. If you do all the rides your lowest finish will be dropped. Lake Sonoma Mtb will have awards for all age groups. Athletes are challendged by rough pavement, gravel roads, difficult climbs and mind-blowing descents thoughout the most diverse and scenic roads in Sonoma County. For more information check out Grasshopper Adventure Series and make sure to read the "Rules of Engagement".
All rides are rain or shine. No refunds. Rider transfer fee 10$

For more information check out - http://www.grasshopperadventureseries.com/grasshopper-2017/king-ridge-dirt-supreme-hopper/

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Duncans Mills
38.453219, -123.053407