Swim F.A.S.T. 2017 Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge Swims

22 апреля 2017 в 22:00—23 апреля 2017 в 15:00 в Google-календарь

О мероприятии

Experience a unique pair of open water adventure swims: a weekend of barrier-breaking, historic-landmark swimming. It could be your only chance to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco on one day, followed by swimming the length of the Golden Gate Bridge on the next day.

Escape personal limitations and help others to overcome their own in the process. Swimmers from ages 10-75 are welcomed to sign up for what have been called “life-changing” events for participants and their families. And here’s the bonus: Swim F.A.S.T. fundraising efforts transform the lives of Arizona children – particularly refugees and young school children – as together we promote water safety and the work of F.A.S.T., the Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training.

The Dates
Saturday, April 22, 2017: Alcatraz to San Francisco Crossing
Sunday April 23, 2017: Golden Gate Bridge Crossing

The Swims
The Alcatraz and Golden Gate swims are two separate events connected to one great cause. Swimmers may choose to participate in either the Alcatraz swim or the Golden Gate Bridge crossing, or choose to do both swims – a unique accomplishment unto itself.

Each swim provides the exhilarating experience of traversing about 1.5 miles in open water. Attention: water temps are expected to be in the low 50’s (yes, that’s Fahrenheit). Wetsuits are required! In more detail:
The Alcatraz swim starts with the legend that is “The Rock.” The route takes swimmers from just within reach of its rocky shore, past the beams of its searchlight toward the skyline of San Francisco. From there, the escape is on, as swimmers accomplish what no hardened Alcatraz convict ever did – to arrive successfully on shore. The party really gets started when swimmers climb out at San Francisco’s Aquatic Park, and it continues with an afternoon recap, awards and t-shirts for each finisher.

The Golden Gate Bridge swim is a point-to-point crossing providing a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime perspective of the world-famous landmark. Swimmers will exit from their host boat and follow the lines of the architectural and engineering marvel from South to North.

They’ll be greeted by that same boat for the celebratory return to shore. Throats may be hoarse from whooping it up by this point, but another celebration awaits with event awards and another t-shirt finishers will proudly wear.

Your Commitment: Eligibility
The goals are clear: (1) to escape limitations of what we think is possible, and (2) to raise money to help improve water safety. To meet them requires the right starting point, preparation, training and focus.

For these reasons, we must insist on the following:
All swimmers are at least 10 years old on event day.
Young swimmers are qualified via more specific follow-up procedure to ensure safety/success.

All swimmers are adequately trained and prove open-water competence prior to the event.

All swimmers, child and adult, must be annual registered members of USA Swimming or U.S. Masters Swimming.

All swimmers under age 18 must be members of a competitive swim team and provide documentation of sufficient practice attendance to complete the swim.


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Место проведения

Aquatic Park
37.8068, -122.423916